December 5th – Christmas Karaoke (3 Singing Games)

On the 5th day of December, my kiddos gave to me… a house full of joy and singing! Keep reading for 3 fun singing games for kids.

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December 4th: DIY Snow Globes

The kids loved making their DIY snow globes. As a bonus, they only cost a few dollars to make! Read More

December 3rd – Christmas Books in New PJs

Day three of our holiday fun includes putting on comfy Christmas pajamas and reading festive books! Here are the books we read: Read More

December 2nd – Santa Pancakes (vegan recipe included)

Day 2 of this holiday season started with deliciously sweet Santa pancakes. For added fun, have the kids each decorate their own pancakes! Keep reading for a yummy vegan Santa pancake recipe.

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December 1st – Christmas List & Hot Chocolate

Day one of our Christmas fun is here! What better way to start off the season than to drink some yummy hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows and write down all your Christmas wishes?

You can always tell it’s that time of year when the air gets crisp and cold, stores and houses don colorful sparkling lights, and… family members start asking me what my kids want for Christmas! I’m not going to lie, I dread that question. It has been really helpful the last couple years for each of the kids to make a list with their wants early on in the season for me to refer to when aunts, grandmas, cousins and friends need ideas.

Here are some tips for writing Christmas lists that have worked well for my family. Read More

24 Days of Kid Christmas Activities

For the past few years, my three kids and I have done holiday activities from December 1st through December 24th. This year is no different, except I will be sharing our fun Christmas experiences with you! Tune in to the fun everyday until Christmas. I would love for ya’ll to join-in and send me pictures of your family’s holiday fun! See below for the list of holiday activities for 2018!

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A Day of Healthy Vegan Meals

Between work and being a mommy to three boys, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals for myself. I have come up with several go-to meals that are budget friendly, simple and delicious.

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