Hello there! I’m so happy you have found my blog! My name is Heather and I would love for you to leave me a comment below, so I can get to know you too.

Ever since I read my first blog, I have dreamt of having my own. How cool is it to be able to share bits and pieces of your life and interests as inspiration, motivation and just pure entertainment with others? If you would like to know a little bit about my background, as well as aspirations for this page, please keep reading!

The Very Beginning…

I was born and raised in a suburb of Kansas City and, up until six months ago, it was all I knew. Shopping centers only five minutes away, a nice two-story house with just enough land to enjoy while still being able to easily maintain, great schools… What more could you ask for?!? If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever move to a different city, I would have laughed at you.

You Think You Know Yourself…

It seems like Dillon (my boyfriend) and I searched EVERYWHERE for a house before we found the perfect fit. I wanted a house in a nice suburban area with great schools for my kids and quick access to shopping. He wanted to live in the country…. with grass and cows and hundreds of bugs. Being the loving girlfriend I am, I let him talk me into looking at a house in the middle of nowhere (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it felt lightyears away from what I was used to!)

Let me tell you a little bit about a country mile. It’s a regular-old mile of driving, only there is NOTHING but grass and cows and more grass and cows to look at. One mile of driving in the country equated to forever in my mind. After years of driving (okay, I think you get the point of how much I disliked the drive now) we pulled onto a gravel road and turned into a dirt driveway through as small tree-line onto five acres of land with a ranch-style house sitting in the center.

As I got out of the car my whole view of the country shifted. The sky was bigger than I had ever seen it, the air was fresh, the background noise of cars was replaced by a soul-mending quiet sprinkled with chirps of birds. I felt like the only person in the world for a split-second. My electronic addicted kids flew out of the car and ran around, smiling ear to ear, laughing. Visions of a huge garden and bonfires immediately came to my mind.

The land sold me before I even stepped foot in the house.

The House…

As I stepped into the house, I became a little discouraged. Blue carpet, green and yellow walls, floral wallpaper… not my style. It took me a minute to realize the potential of this spacious house, because I just wasn’t into how it was decorated. I really loved the layout of the house and have always wanted a big basement. Overall, my qualms about the house were really only cosmetic.

After some debate and talk of remodeling /DIY, Dillon and I decided to put an offer in on the house. Best decision ever! It has been hard work, but we have started the remodel and redecorating on our own. It is so nice to be able to transform the house into our home where we feel happy and inspired to raise our children. We have just started to scratch the surface in our DIY journey and are learning more and more every day. The hard-work and dedication Dillon and I are putting into creating our forever home has been grueling at times, but is so satisfying in the end.

Blog Intentions…

I want to take you along on our journey of many firsts: from remodeling to gardening to being a first time homeowner on a budget. I hope you find inspiration within these posts. I am so excited to see what is to become of our new home and this blog. I encourage your tips, feedback and ideas, so please stay connected with me!



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  1. Hi Heather
    I’m happy for you and Dillon & your boys!! And I love your blog name😃. Would love to see your place sometime. Miss seeing you guys. Your place sounds like a wonderful place to raise kids with all that land. Definitely worth the work you all are putting into it to make it your own.

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