DIY: Shutter Board

I found this already painted shutter at a thrift store for THREE DOLLARS!! As is my nature, I knew I had to bring it home and distress it. Add some tiny clothespins and create a great place to display pictures, your to-do list, important mail, etc. Farmhouse worthy and useful…. what more can you ask for?
Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own…

What you need:


Paint (if not already painted)

Putty Knife

Screw Driver

Sand Paper

Tiny Clothespins (I found a large pack at the dollar store!)

Dust Mask

Step 1: Use the screwdriver to scrape the paint off any edges. Scrape off more paint near edges and areas that would get normal wear and tear from years of use.

Step 2: Lightly sand the entire piece. Make sure there are no pieces of wood sticking out from areas where the screwdriver was used.

Step 3: Rub the flat side of the putty knife against the shutter to create a gray “used/dirty” look. This might be my favorite step, because it really adds a nice weathered touch.


Step 4: Use a drill to make holes in the back of the shutter for hanging. Or you can purchase metal hooks and attach them to the back.


Step 5: Add tiny clothespins and hang pictures, to-do lists, etc. Hanging the shutter with no clothespins is also an option that would make a great addition to a gallery wall.


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