DIY: Succulent Planter

Aren’t these little guys cute?! I had such a hard time picking what succulents I liked best at the nursery. I wanted to buy them ALL! In the picture you will see the two succulent planters I made for my home. The directions below are for the glass jar planter (the metal planter is fairly self-explanatory). Have fun!

You will need:


-Glass Jar

-Decorative Rocks

-Clear Plastic Cup

-Potting Soil


-Hot Glue

Step 1: Place the plastic cup inside of the glass jar. Draw a line around the cup at top of the jar mouth. Cut the top of the plastic cup off at your line.

Step 2: Carefully, place the rocks in your jar.

Step 3: Put the plastic cup in the jar and slowly tip the jar from side to side to position the rocks around the cup.

Step 4: Hot glue the top of the cup to the jar mouth. Make sure there are no gaps or holes between the cup and the jar (the water may get down into the rocks and become discolored or smelly).


Step 5: Fill the cup halfway with potting soil.

Step 6: Add your cute little succulents and enough topsoil to evenly fill the cup to the rim. Press lightly on the top of the soil to set the plants in place.

Step 7: Give the plants a drink of water! (only a couple tablespoons)

**Note – Most succulents do not require much water. Since there is no way for added water to escape from the soil, add only tiny bits of water at a time to prevent flooding and rotting the plants.


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