Patchwork Letters

I swear… someday I will take on the task of making my very own quilt. I love the look and feel of an old, worn-in quilt over my legs, on a cold day, while I am reading and sipping hot tea. In the meantime, these “patchwork” letters, while not comfy in the least bit, will have to satiate my longing for a quilt!

You will need:


-wooden letters

-scrapbook paper in several colors and patterns


-wood glue

-matte finishing spray

-small paint brush

-thin blade knife

-sand paper

Step 1: Cut out square and rectangle pieces of paper and one burlap piece. Lay them on top of your letter so that there is no wood showing. Set the paper aside in the position it will be on the letter.


Step 2: Add a thin layer of wood glue to the front of the letter using a paintbrush. Lay your paper on the glue and rub until smooth and any excess of glue is pushed out. Let dry for at least 1 hour.

Step 3: Flip your letter over and, on a cutting surface, cut the excess paper off with the thin blade knife.

Step 4: Paint the wooden sides of the letter. I opted to “messily paint” the sides, leaving some wood exposed, for a weathered look.

Step 5: Sand the edges of the paper for a distressed feel.


Step 6: Lightly coat the letter with matte finishing spray. (I used 2 coats)

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