DIY: Cotton Wreath

Everywhere I look I see cotton plants incorporated into farmhouse décor. The cotton wreaths I have seen are so pretty, but SO EXPENSIVE! So, I decided to make one of my own and only spent $15 and about 15 minutes. 


You Will Need:

-Branch Wreath

-3 Artificial Cotton Stems

-Letter of your choice

-Burlap Ribbon

-Hot Glue

-Thin Floral Wire

Step 1: Cut the cotton and bolls off the stem leaving about 1/2″ to 1″ of stem intact.

20180915_134457                20180915_134947

Step 2: Before attaching, place the letter and cotton balls on the wreath to get the desired look you want. Keep in mind that the ribbon will wrap around the top of the wreath.

Step 3: Use hot glue to attach the cotton to the wreath.


Step 4: Attach the letter. I used a galvanized metal letter, so it was easier to attach it with floral wire. If you are using a wooden letter, it would probably be easier to use hot glue.                                       20180915_145451.jpg

Step 5: Add the burlap ribbon to the top of the wreath. Hang on your gallery wall or front door. These personalized wreaths make great gifts!



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