DIY: Foliage Planter

This galvanized metal foliage planter adds a great touch of the outdoors to my new gallery wall. And as a bonus, I don’t have to water the plant!!

You will need:


-Artificial Foliage

-Galvanized Metal Container

-Floral Foam

-Hot Glue

Step 1: Cut each individual foliage stem off of the backing.


Step 2: Cut the floral foam as needed to fill the planter. I used plastics bags as a filler below the foam, because I didn’t have enough foam to fill the whole container. (P.S. Don’t tell my mom I used my good kitchen knife to cut the foam!)

20180916_120841_HDR     20180916_121213


Step 3: Poke the stems of foliage into the foam. Make sure to place the stems close together or the foam will be visible. I had to use hot glue on a couple of stems that would not stay in place.
20180916_130049.jpgStep 5: Add decoration to the outside of the metal planter. I used a burlap ribbon (see main image). I also added some hooks to the back and hung the planter on my gallery wall.




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