Deep Clean: Laundry Room

Winter is coming soon! Watch me deep clean my house in preparation for a season of staying inside!

Here’s the before:


To Do:

-Organize closet

-Organize cabinets

-Vacuum up cobwebs

-Wipe down Door

-Wipe down washer/drier

-Wipe down trash can

-Clean behind washer/drier


Organize Closet

The laundry room closet has become a catch-all for random items that do not have a home. I didn’t go too crazy with the organization, considering we will be renovating this room in the near future. After completely emptying the closet and giving it a good sweep and mop, it became the home for our vacuum cleaner and Tank’s dog food. I also put items such as oil for our Tiki torches and lighter fluid up on the top shelf.


Organize cabinets

There are two small cabinets located above our washer and dryer. The plan is to get rid of the cabinets and add shelving. For now, I wiped out the cabinets and organized the cleaning supplies inside. The cabinets are too small to fit my laundry detergents, so for now they will stay sitting on top of the dryer.

Vacuum Cobwebs

This was overdue, as I have not deep cleaned this room since we bought the house 6 months ago! The cobwebs were most prominent between the door and screen door to the side of the property. I saw 4 spiders running around the laundry room as I was cleaning. I’m sure they enjoy living rent free in between the doors and that’s just fine with me as long as they never visit us in the house! Before and after below.

20181027_132900.jpg 20181027_174403

Wipe Down Doors

If I had to guess, the doors had not been wiped down since the house was built. They were pretty gross, especially in the nooks and crannies. I used cotton swabs drenched in cleaner to get all of the dust and dirt out. Before and after below.

20181027_133439.jpg   20181027_174356

The main door had some exposed glue or caulk around the window that was very sticky and, in turn, dirty. I scraped off the remains and re-caulked around it. My plan is to repaint the door and it took everything in me not to immediately paint the ugly yellowish door!

20181027_135153.jpg   20181027_174412.jpg

Wipe Down Washer/Dryer

I try to wipe down the washer and dryer every time I clean the laundry room, but this time I decided to get out the cotton swabs and get in the nooks and crannies. The main mess culprit seems to be spilled laundry detergent that attracts dust. I also, cleaned the lint trap in the dryer, because excess lint was stuck underneath the removable screen.

Clean Behind Washer/Dryer

I’m really glad I did this because I realized the dryer vent tube was not completely connected to the outside hole! Otherwise, I found a couple socks and swept out plenty of lint and a few coins.


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