DIY: Chalk/Cork Board

What is great about this chalk/cork board is that you can customize the look of it to fit your decorating style and needs. I was given this used desk by a family member a while back and the cork board was looking a little used and dirty. A couple coats of paint and a smidge of creativity helped to spruce up the look of the desk.

You Will Need:

Cork Board

Chalk Board Paint

Chalk Pen

Painter’s Tape

Foam Brush

Step 1: Tape around the edge of the cork board to protect the frame. (Check out the blue carpet that came with the new house!)

tapeStep 2: Paint a coat of chalkboard paint on the cork board. Make sure the layer of paint is thin and even throughout. Let dry for at least an hour.

paint       paintfinish

Step 3: Second coat of paint. (I only needed two coats, but you may need to do a third.) Let dry for at least an hour.

Step 4: Use the chalk pen to draw and write on your board. I included my to-do list, bill list, and added some cute drawings. It’s nice to be able to write notes next to papers that are pinned to the board.


Ideas for using your new chalk/cork board:

-Pin a school/work assignment to the board – write due date and notes next to it

-Pin a picture to the board – draw a cute frame around it

-Draw a calendar and change out the dates each month

-Use it to display kid’s school work – write confidence building phrases like, “Way to go!” or “I’m proud of you!” next to them.



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