24 Days of Kid Christmas Activities

For the past few years, my three kids and I have done holiday activities from December 1st through December 24th. This year is no different, except I will be sharing our fun Christmas experiences with you! Tune in to the fun everyday until Christmas. I would love for ya’ll to join-in and send me pictures of your family’s holiday fun! See below for the list of holiday activities for 2018!

December 1st – Christmas Lists & Hot Chocolate

December 2nd – Santa Pancakes

December 3rd – Christmas Books in New Christmas PJs

December 4th – DIY Snow Globes

December 5th – Holiday Karaoke

December 6th – Watch Elf in elf ears

December 7th – Handprint Wreaths

December 8th – Snow (Shaving Cream) on Windows

December 9th – Cookie Trees

December 10th – Holiday Soap

December 11th – Wrapping Paper Relay Race

December 12th – Oreo Snowmen

December 13th – Watch Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas / Green Drinks

December 14th – Suncatchers

December 15th – Toy Donation – The Meaning of Christmas

December 16th – Blanket

December 17th – Snowflake Ornaments

December 18th – Holiday Drawing Game

December 19th – Holiday Pet Treats

December 20th – Watch Disney’s The Santa Clause

December 21st – Melted Snowman Slime Ornaments

December 22nd – Holiday Dice Game

December 23rd – Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas / Make a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”

December 24th – Make Cookies for Santa and read The Night Before Christmas

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