December 1st – Christmas List & Hot Chocolate

Day one of our Christmas fun is here! What better way to start off the season than to drink some yummy hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows and write down all your Christmas wishes?

You can always tell it’s that time of year when the air gets crisp and cold, stores and houses don colorful sparkling lights, and… family members start asking me what my kids want for Christmas! I’m not going to lie, I dread that question. It has been really helpful the last couple years for each of the kids to make a list with their wants early on in the season for me to refer to when aunts, grandmas, cousins and friends need ideas.

Here are some tips for writing Christmas lists that have worked well for my family.

#1 – Gifts to Expand the Mind

It was about a week after Christmas 2016 that I was standing in my kids’ room looking at the ridiculous amount of toys they now had and how little floor was left in sight. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the joy opening toys brings to my children, but the amount of stuff they had seemed overwhelming even to me. They just really didn’t need anymore toys!

What my kids needed was fun experiences, educational activities, craft supplies, outdoor toys… And in my opinion, you can never have too many of these types of gifts. As a bonus, all three of my boys love all of these things! So from then on, when people were gracious enough to ask what the boys wanted for Christmas, we had an arsenal of mind expanding ideas.

For example:

Experiences – gift cards to the zoo, movie theatre, trampoline park, museums, stadiums

Educational Activities – DIY volcano kit, fossil digging kit, chemistry set, fun-fact books

Craft Supplies – roll of butcher paper, molding clay, feathers, googly eyes, slime kits

Outdoor Toys – bug catching kit, volley ball net, bird watching binoculars

Don’t worry, my kids still get to open plenty of cars, action figures, etc. during the holidays, just not near as many!

#2 – Amazon Wish Lists

If you are not already on the Amazon Wish List train, you should hop on immediately, because it is an awesome tool to have on hand around Christmas and birthdays.

All you have to do is create an account on and create a wish list under the “Accounts and Lists” drop down. Here you can search for pretty much any item under the sun and add it to your wish list. When your list is complete, share the URL with family and friends in a text or email. Voila! You don’t have to try to explain exactly which dinosaur Lego kit your 5 year old wants, because your aunt can buy the item off of your list on the Amazon website. You can create multiple lists under one account ( I have one for each member of my family) and change settings if you would like to make any lists private.

#3 – Donate Toys

If at all possible, we try to go through the boys’ rooms and donate items to make room for all of the new fun Christmas presents they will receive. This is also a great time to explain that their toy donations may help other less fortunate children receive gifts this holiday season. It came as a surprise to me that my kids are very empathetic in nature and love to donate items they do not use or need anymore.

#4 – Send a Letter to Santa

If you would like to send your list or a letter to Santa use the address below. Just stick your list in an envelope with postage and mail via USPS. If you postmark the letter the first week of December you will receive a letter back from Santa’s workshop. Specifics on the USPS website.

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998


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