December 5th – Christmas Karaoke (3 Singing Games)

On the 5th day of December, my kiddos gave to me… a house full of joy and singing! Keep reading for 3 fun singing games for kids.

#1: Silly Voices

Sing your holiday karaoke songs in funny voices. My oldest liked singing in a really deep voice and the boys thought it was hilarious when I sang like a “baby.” We also sang like opera singers and Scrooge!

#2: The Loudest

This game came about by accident when all my kids were trying to sing over one-another. We ended up having competitions to see who could sing the loudest. So fun, but gets old quickly for mom!!

#3: American Idol

The boys took turns preforming Christmas songs “on stage” (which was standing on my bed). The performances were complete with dance moves and lots of giggles. No winners were chosen, as the game was played all in good fun!

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