Weekly Cleaning Routine: 30 Minutes per Day

Click here to watch my Weekly Cleaning Routine: 30 Minutes per Day YouTube video!

Click the link for my cleaning spreadsheet: Extras Schedule

I have a confession to make…

After working eight hours and commuting two hours per day, the last thing I want to do in the evening is clean.

I have tried multiple schedules and cleaning methods throughout the years including, only cleaning on the weekends, cleaning in the morning, and delegating tasks to the family. None of these methods worked for me… the house would always end up dirty by Friday, or I wouldn’t wake up and clean in the morning because, honestly, the thought of waking up and doing housework resulted in a lot of action for my snooze button!

The solution for me was to clean only 30 minutes per day in one designated room. That’s not to say I don’t tidy up daily and wipe down counters and empty the dishwasher… I don’t count that as “cleaning.” I’m talking about organizing cabinets and closets, sanitizing the refrigerator, degreasing the oven, mopping the floors, etc.

If you are interested in the natural all-purpose cleaning spray I use, check out my How To: Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner post.

See below for the weekly cleaning schedule that works for me and my household.

Monday – Family Room

-Wipe down fireplace and mantle – I also wipe dust off of the d├ęcor before putting it back on the mantle.

Dust Mantle

-Vacuum Carpet

Vacuum Family Room

-Spray couches with homemade essential oil spray – This spray is awesome! It eliminates nasty smells and leaves a very light scent of lavender. Click here to see how it’s made!


Tuesday – Bedrooms

I decided to focus on the boys’ room today. Their room is the second one in the house we have remodeled so far. As you can see, my youngest does not have a twin size mattress yet… but, we are getting there!

-Wash New Sheets

Boys Sheets

-Sweep Floor

Sweep Boys Room

-Vacuum Rug – How do I already need to vacuum this rug when this room is not even in use yet?!?

Vacuum Boys Rug

Wednesday – Kitchen

-Wipe Down Exterior of Refrigerator

-Take Everything Out and Purge/Organize – This is the time to get rid of expired items and leftovers from two weeks ago!

Refrigerator Before

-Wipe Down Inside (Door and Shelves) – I love this cleaning spray! It gets the job done with no nasty chemicals to irritate my airways. Click here to see how it’s made!

Wipe Down Fridge

Wipe Down Fridge 2

Thursday – Bathrooms

-Clean Mirror – Mirrors are the only items in my house I spray with chemicals (commercial glass cleaner). I have tried many natural solutions, but the mirrors always end up foggy and streaked. Please comment below if you have any natural glass cleaner recommendations!

Bathroom Mirror

-Wipe Down Sink and Counter

Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink 2

-Clean Shower and Bathtub



-Wipe Down Toilet


-Sweep and Mop Floor

Friday – Laundry Room/Office

The last thing I want to do when I get home from work on a Friday is clean! I make myself do it anyway, but I strategically scheduled the easiest rooms to clean on Friday. In my case, these rooms are the laundry room and office. This week I focused on the laundry room.

-Wipe Down Exterior of Washer and Dryer – I may have not spent 30-minutes wiping down the washer and dryer, but I did SOME cleaning today and that’s what matters… right?!?



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