Under $100!?! | Bathroom Closet Renovation on a Budget

Click here to watch my Master Linen Closet Makeover YouTube video!

Watch me transform my old, floral wallpapered, bathroom closet into an organized spot I enjoy using daily!

If you don’t know the backstory yet, my fiancé and I bought our house less than a year ago and are in the process of making it into our own. The previous owner had the house built to her taste and it really isn’t our style. The house has blue carpets, green walls, and floral wallpaper and, needless to say, needs a little updating and TLC.

We have been in sort of a renovation lull lately, but I made a commitment to myself to try to get at least SOMETHING done every week. Last weekend, I decided to take a day to renovate my master bathroom closet. It has become a catch-all for random items and stresses me out daily when I am getting ready in the morning!

I committed to going shopping Saturday for some organizational items for this project. You can check out my I Spent Too Much!! | Weekend Shopping Haul Vlog YouTube video to see me search two Dollar Trees and At Home for the perfect baskets for this project.

On to the good stuff…

Here is a before picture:

Before Closet

Step 1: Paint Over the ::beautiful:: Floral Wallpaper

Paint Closet

It took two coats of gray paint to cover the wallpaper. I also painted the shelves, top and bottom. I used a paintbrush for the first coat and a tiny paint roller for the second to create a smoother look.

Step 2: Line Shelves

Shelf Liner 1

The next step was to make the shelf liners. You could simply stick the adhesive liner directly to the shelf and it would look great. The method I use, takes a bit more time, but is longer lasting and makes wiping down your shelves a breeze. I learned this method from my mom.

Measure your shelf. Cut a piece of poster board to size (I had to tape two pieces together because the poster board was not wide enough.) Apply the contact paper to the poster board and wrap the edges around the sides. Voila!

Shelf Liner 2I recommend this method for a few reasons:

  1. The contact paper won’t peel up.
  2. You can pull the whole sheet out for easier cleaning.
  3. You can switch out different liners for different seasons.
Step 3 : Fill Baskets

Fill Basket 1   Fill Basket 2

This is the fun part! The organizational finishing touches make all the difference. It’s a good idea to purge any items that you don’t need or are expired at this point. To jumpstart my goal of having a minimalistic household, I threw away about half of the junk in my closet!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

After ClosetThese wall stickers I purchased from Dollar Tree and the new kitty cat ring holder from At Home really pull the space together. I also bought the cute little pink vase on clearance and stuck my makeup brushes in it for some added organization and flair!

I have really enjoyed getting ready in the morning lately. The motivational stickers and organizational ease help to start my day off on the right foot!

Thanks for reading! ❤

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