5 Tips for Daily Motivation

My top 5 tips for staying motivated every single day!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not a naturally motivated person. I have to have a heavy dose of motivation every day to accomplish my goals. I want so badly to be Type A personality, but unfortunately that is just not my reality. Getting up and getting going on my dreams and goals was not always the easiest for me. However, I found a system of staying motivated that really works for me. My hope is that by sharing my system with you, I can help at least one person gain some insight and motivation.

Personally, I do all five of these things daily, but even doing one or two of them is so helpful!

Tip #1: Motivational Speeches

If I had to pick my favorite and most motivational tip on this list, it would be this one! I highly recommend trying this one out! When you are in your car, turn on a motivational speech instead of the radio. You can find thousands of them on YouTube and there are even some motivational podcasts. I listen to them on my way to work and on my way home for added kicks of motivation!

Tip #2: Read

Something I have learned in my motivational research journey is that successful people make it a habit to read. Set a goal for yourself to read every day, even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes. I like to choose non-fiction books from the clearance section of Half Price Books for $2. There is always a tip or lesson to learn in a book, even if the subject matter may not pertain to your goal directly.

Tip #3: End Goal

Set a specific end goal for yourself and review it everyday. Your goal should include all five senses: what you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. For example, if your goal is to climb Mt. Everest, imagine yourself at the top of the mountain. You see the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. The fresh air smells of nature. You can hear a bird chirping in the distance. You get the point. Having this goal written down and taking the time to review it every day and really think about what it will feel like to be there does wonders at kicking your butt into gear. And when you don’t feel like putting in work, or have an obstacle to overcome, or hit a wall with your mountain climbing training, you can easily remember why you started in the first place and the chirping birds in your vision will be enough to get you through.

Tip #4: Affirmations

This one seems silly at first (I thought so at least), but hear me out. Write out your goals as if you have already accomplished them. For example, if you want to be a millionaire write, “I am a millionaire.” Write them in your planner/journal/a napkin every day, then take a few seconds to visualize yourself in each scenario. Think about what it is like to be your millionaire self! As crazy as it sounds, eventually you will start to become your affirmations. It’s like magic!

Tip #5: Routine/Schedule

There are tasks that must be accomplished everyday; think –  laundry, dishes, showering, reading, etc. I used to spend more time figuring out (**clears throat** procrastinating) when I was going do the tasks then actually doing them! Eventually, I set a routine and stopped spending valuable brain energy thinking about the dang stuff and actually doing it! My schedule goes a little bit like this. Get home from work, make dinner, hang out with family, clean until 8pm, exercise, read, work on content, bed. These tasks get done in the same order, at the same time, every day so I don’t have to put any effort into planning to accomplish them.

Do you have any motivational tips for me? Comment below. I am always open to new ideas and discussion.

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