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Messy BBQ Mushroom Burgers | Vegan

This finger-lickin’ mushroom burger is my new favorite grill food! Spring has sprung and I couldn’t wait to dust the cobwebs out of the grill and get to experimenting! Watch me make this messy burger on YouTube or keep reading…

Stuffed Bell Peppers | Vegan

Your taste buds will dance with joy every time you take a bite of this healthy stuffed pepper. Watch me make it on YouTube or keep reading for the recipe! 🙂

Tofu Tacos w/ salsa verde

Who doesn’t love tacos!?! These vegan tacos are healthy and delicious. The avocado cream is creamy and delicious. Dipping the tacos in the spicy salsa verde is the perfect addition to this dish. Watch me make these tofu tacos on YouTube, or keep reading…

Veggie Lasagna w/ Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This healthy lasagna recipe is plant based and to die for! Using roasted red pepper sauce, in place of tomato sauce, takes this dish to a whole new level. Keep reading for the recipe or watch me make it in my YouTube video!

Bread Machine: 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Seeds – Vegan

This 100% whole wheat bread with heart healthy seeds is moist and hearty. I’ve been experimenting with bread machine recipes for a while and, so far, this one is my favorite!

DIY: Chalk/Cork Board

What is great about this chalk/cork board is that you can customize the look of it to fit your decorating style and needs. I was given this used desk by a family member a while back and the cork board was looking a little…

Infused Water

Ever since I can remember, I have had a hard time drinking water. I wake up with the intention to ditch the sodas and juices for water and fail about midway through the day because I’m just not a fan of the taste. However…….