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5 Tips for Daily Motivation

My top 5 tips for staying motivated every single day! Keep reading or watch my YouTube Video!

5 DIY Natural Cleaners

Gear up for spring cleaning with these 5 DIY natural cleaner recipes. These are my Holy Grail products! They are free of harsh chemicals, smell amazing and work just as well (if not better) than the yucky chemical-laden commercial products on store shelves. Give…

Eating Vegan for One Week: Budget $25

Eating healthy and vegan doesn’t have to be expensive… I will prove it! Join me on a trip to the grocery store and see how I turn $25 into a whole week’s worth of vegan meals! Click here to watch my Eating Vegan for…

Under $100!?! | Bathroom Closet Renovation on a Budget

Click here to watch my Master Linen Closet Makeover YouTube video! Watch me transform my old, floral wallpapered, bathroom closet into an organized spot I enjoy using daily!

Nabeyaki Udon | Vegan Recipe

Healthy and energizing… this vegan nabeyaki udon recipe is based on a recipe in the book The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. Click here to watch my Nabeyaki Udon YouTube video!

DIY: How to Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

Make a natural and effective all-purpose cleaner for your home.

Weekly Cleaning Routine: 30 Minutes per Day

Click here to watch my Weekly Cleaning Routine: 30 Minutes per Day YouTube video! Click the link for my cleaning spreadsheet: Extras Schedule I have a confession to make…